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Our Farm featured in the media

Occasionally our farm gets featured on other blogs and in magazines. Below are a couple of these posts that we would like to share with you.
East of Austin Magazine – Oct/Nov 2016
Tex Appeal Magazine, Temple 

After Hurricane Harvey

The last thing a state (Texas) wants to be remembered for in 2017 is to have had one of (or the) biggest disasters in history.

As I’m writing this we are supposed to have several more days of rain. We don’t know yet if several of the places we love have even survived the storm. Some of our favorite people have Christmas Tree Farms in East Texas and the Houston area – we are praying for them and planning to possibly go help them get their farms back up and running for Oct. / Dec. We are so thankful that Elgin (even with over 15 inches of rain) is in good shape. Farmer Marc’s education is in Civil Engineering and he has been getting the farm ready for this kind of event for over the last 15 years. All the steady rain has been flowing to all the right places for 4 days already. Everything should be beautiful and healthy when you get here in October.

Farmers Blog 2017

Update for Elgin CHRISTmas Tree Farm/Family

Hope everyone is having a great 2017. The Nash family has had many joys and trials and but we are still chugging along. The trees are growing well.  We’ve had wet, dry and hot weather this year. Landry, the first of our 3rd generation of farmers graduated from Angelo State University last May. Due to my illness, Landry is going to spend a year working on the farm updating all our technology and management to the modern age. Her degree is in geology and after Christmas she will join the workforce in a “real job” or go to grad school. We moved an unofficial (80 year old) tiny house onto the farm for her to reside in (one of the perks of her job). You will notice it to your left at you drive in through the farm gate. I am doing well- breaking survival records for Glioblastoma patients – praise God!  Marc and I have had several opportunities to worship and serve God this year. We’ve had trouble fitting in the farm work but as usual God’s beauty reigns over us every day. We can’t wait to see everyone sometime this Fall/ Christmas season.

We appreciate you all for supporting us.

God bless you and yours.

Farmers Blog 2016

Elgin CHRISTmas Tree Farm in 2016 is continuing to thrive, grow (people and trees) and serve our Lord Jesus Christ. When Grandma Kaye and Grandpa Bill started the farm in 1984 they never dreamed all the wonderful ways God would use them, their children and the farm to his Glory. In June 2016 MPACT  Youth missions came to Elgin to serve God and the Community. It was a joy for us and many volunteers to feed and entertain over 400 people from all over Texas who came to Elgin to help others. Please go on Facebook and look at the pictures to see God’s hand at work. The service and music that night were amazing. Marc and I got a glimpse of what we would really love to use the farm for through this event. We are hoping to hear from Christian groups in the Central Texas area who would like to have similar events here on the farm.

Of course we still have beautiful trees heading into the Christmas season. The trees all over the farm have done very well this year. As of now in August we need rain as usual. The trees on the new (2012) fresh soil are looking exceptionally full and tall. Farmer Marc, Grandpa Bill, Zeth, Lacey and Junior have all been working hard to make the farm beautiful and fun for October and Christmas.

After selling trees for 30 years we love hearing from the families who have been coming out for 2+ generations. We had a teacher on a field trip last April who told us she had been coming out every year  since she was in her mother’s womb WOW that is awesome. See her picture on Facebook. Let us know if you have similar stories.

Our second daughter Lacey graduated from High School this year. She will be heading to University of Mary Hardin Baylor to study Christian Ministry. We will miss her very much. She has been working hard on the farm her whole life. I can’t wait to see where the Lord is going to take her in life.

Our mission here at Elgin CHRISTmas Tree Farm is to give glory to God and serve those around us with Joy. If we can help in any way with those who care for orphans or with church groups please let us know. In these scary times we live, our family thanks God for the people who help keep us safe and healthy every day.

We are so glad to have you as part of our Farm Family.

God Bless you and yours,


Farmers Blog 2015

It is a very HOT August this year. I have started taking a 30 minute walk morning and night all the way around the farm. The scenery I see each time amazes me and makes me so grateful. Despite the present heat and dry the farm looks beautiful. The trees seem to really thrive on the combo of abundant rain and mild temperatures spring/early summer and dry extreme heat latter summer. The rains actually caused us (mostly farmer Marc) a little anxiety. The trees got a little puny looking in May and June (just too wet). We tagged some of the worst ones to keep an eye on them and I am glad to say the sun has allowed them to fully recover and blossom. The other issue was some crazy growth left over from the stress of the drought. All 5 Nashes (ones still at home) and Grandpa (of course) got out and gave them each a personal major hand trim. We are happy to report all the surgery has done wonders and they are all growing the right direction now.

As a business and family we continue to go to God for guidance and direction. Spring 2015 we hosted the 2nd annual Hallelujah Hayride. It was a major draw for volunteers (around 80 total people involved with putting it on) but due to weather and other unknown issues (there was flooding that week) the attendance was very minimal. After having to cancel the first day we were hopeful for a good attendance for the second. As our family prayed for the volunteers and people who would attend the night before I made a specific plea. I asked “Lord if we are supposed to continue to produce this event please show us with an attendance of over 100 people.” That is a very low number for a successful Elgin CHRISTmas Tree Farm event so I felt it was a reasonable request. The weather did hold out and we had a successful event but at the end of the day the attendance was only 75 people. We are sad (believe it or not the volunteers are very sad) but feel God must be leading us in a different direction. Keep an eye on Facebook so I can let you know when God tells us what that is. We will enjoy the various signs and props that were acquired around the farm for the Hallelujah Hayride (see crosses on the top of the hill). We will continue to host the CHRISTian Youth/Family event in the fall and spring and would love to see you and your church group there.

As I mentioned last year our immediate and extended (Walton) families grew through adoption last year. We have a few joys and sorrows for 2015. Last March Marc’s mother (Grandma Betty) after a 30 year courageous battle with cancer finally quit suffering and went to heaven. We miss her and are grateful for the special lady she was. Grandpa Bill and Grandma Kaye Walton celebrated with the whole family last June their 50th wedding anniversary. Twyla’s middle sister Seresa and her husband Robert just celebrated their 25th anniversary last July. We are a very blessed family.

In our family the child entering their senior year gets to choose a vacation (within reason of course). Since Lacey is going to be a senior this year she chose to go  to North Carolina (heaven on earth). One of the best things about visiting there is getting to spend time with Dale Hudler. The Hudler’s have been providing our Fraser Fir trees for over 20 years. They are based in West Jefferson, NC. I highly recommend all Texans visit there in the middle of the summer. Dale gave us a tour of his farms and let us pick out some of our trees for this year. They are a very large operation but Dale told us he just provides for small growers like us (not big box stores) because he has a very high quality product (cut right before loading, kept in shade and water at all times etc.) and he knows we also give the trees the best care on our end. See pictures from that trip on the farms Facebook page.

Our family continues to look for ways to help children in need. If you are associated with a group that supports foster or adoption and would like to use the farm or we can help in any other way please let us know. The growth our family has experienced this past year although a little painful at times has been a joyful rewarding experience and we would love to help support others doing the same thing.

For over 30 years Elgin CHRISTmas Tree Farm has been striving to provide an affordable fun place for families to spend time together. We still have all the fun stuff plus a few new things this year. Watch for Junior’s (our newest family member) special area or of course Zeth will be back with his sno-cones this year. We appreciate every family that comes out to see us and hope you will make it a family tradition. We love to hear from you with stories and how many years you have been coming out.

Thanks for being part of our  Farm Family.Blessings Twyla