Our Trees

Season Update

We no longer have any trees above 7 ft. in the field and we are out of pre-cut Fraser Firs. We will be closed for the season Friday, December 7th at 5:30 pm.

Choose n’ Cut Tree Prices 2020

$11 a foot (everything 3 foot and taller) – As season progresses the prices will go down.

Minimum Price for Choose n’ Cut Trees – $25

No Hayrides during the 2020 CHRISTmas Season. 

Fraser Firs are priced individually according to grade and size.

We grow Virginia Pine in the field and Leyland Cypress. We have a very limited supply of Leylands. We provide a bow saw and shake, and bale your tree. We have twine for use in tying down to your vehicle.

For our customers who love Fraser Firs – they don’t grow in Texas! We import Fraser Firs from North Carolina. They come freshly cut (cold storage transport) and we immediately put them in water so they can stay nice and fresh until you choose and get home.

We have freshly made wreaths available for purchase – made fresh on the farm.

When you arrive you will be given a tag (once you cut and find your perfect tree) you will cut it then tag it (keep the other part).  A nice hayride will take you out to the cutting fields so you can begin your search.  Someone will pick your tree up once you cut it, your tree will be shaken and baled and ready for its ride home.

Virginia Pine

Our most popular in our choose-n-cut field. This tree is fragrant and can easily be shaped. Foliage is fairly dense with sturdy limbs for hanging ornaments.

Leyland Cypress

Deemed the allergy free tree because it has little fragrance and does not produce sap.

Fraser Fir

These sturdy trees cannot grow in Texas but are quite popular with many of our customers. We get these trees pre-cut fresh from a farm in North Carolina. They are quickly placed in water to insure freshness.